types of property crimes.

The property crime are of two types entering and breaking the property of other people in the society. People can burn the property of others which is very dangerous type of crime in which people inside the property may be killed. The people which do this act are punished for many years and often are hanged if people inside are killed. We can say that property crimes are cause of terror and defame of country so government should take steps to make the property of people safe and secure.

knowledge of mediator

The more knowledge you possess about the issues in questioning, the greater your participation in the process of mediation to solve the problem.  In other words, good preparation about problem is essential to solve the issue in efficient way. Do your homework by gathering facts from clients and gather as much information about the issues as you can by your learning skills. Furthermore, the way issues are mediated must be understood as mediation will require different methods in different situation. We can say that to solve the problems in less time it should be preparation of issues and learn to tackle the problems.